The Bellova Devil was the second Big Finish Productions audio drama in the Jago & Litefoot series.

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A body is found on the Circle Line, wearing full dress uniform. It as identified as Reginald Colevile — a man who was certified dead some six weeks ago! In an attempt to solve the mystery Jago and Litefoot become unwilling bodysnatchers... And thus begins a chain of events that will pit them against killer Bulgars and the mysterious machinations of The Far-Off Travellers Club...

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  • Ormond Sacker is about half Litefoot's age.
  • Under the provisions of the Burial Act, it was illegal to exhume a body without the express permission of the Home Secretary.
  • Clive Colevile was supposedly buried in Highgate Cemetery.
  • Jago described Sacker as "the cross-eyed Caledonian".

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  • Although the publisher's summary gives the name of the deceased general as Reginald Colevile, the story itself identifies him as Clive Colevile with Reginald being his son's name.

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