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The Big Hunt (novel)

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The Big Hunt
The Big Hunt
Main character(s): Bernice Summerfield
Main setting: Planet 81
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Lance Parkin
Cover by: Adrian Salmon
Release details
Release number: 6
Release date: May 2004
Format: Hardback Book, 176 Pages
ISBN 1-84435-107-6
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The Big Hunt was the sixth novel published by Big Finish Productions as part of their Bernice Summerfield series. It was the first full length novel in the two years since The Glass Prison in 2002. It was author Lance Parkin's second Bernice Summerfield novel. His first was Beige Planet Mars.

Publisher's summary Edit

Professor Bernice Summerfield is enjoying a break. A break from work, a break from the rebuilding of the Braxiatel Collection and a break from Jason, Adrian, and even her beloved Peter.

She feels she's entitled to a bit of downtime. So, why won't anyone leave her alone? Before long, she's being sent off after an old space artefact, only to crash-land on a planet apparently devoid of life. Devoid of life, that is, except for the robotic animals, big game hunters and ruthless corporate administrators of the type she's learned to know and mistrust.

Benny realises that to survive she must join in on what might be the most dangerous "game" she's ever played...

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

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Robots Edit

Notes Edit

  • This is the first full length Bernice Summerfield novel to be released since the novel The Glass Prison in 2002.

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