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The Bin Dilemma was a Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor comic story published in 2015.

Summary Edit

The Doctor is a brand new man, literally!

Clara is going to learn just how different the Doctor is when he protests to many things, even if it means endangering or annoying her.

Plot Edit

On a Glasgow street, the Doctor tells Clara he doesn't think he's a hugging person now.

As the TARDIS crashes, the Doctor tells Clara he doesn't think he's a "fly-the-TARDIS" person now.

As the TARDIS is crowded with Adipose, the Doctor tells Clara he definitively isn't an Adipose person now.

On an interstellar dump, Clara is taking out a bin of rubbish. The Doctor begins telling her he isn't a "taking-the-bin-out" person, but Clara says it has to stop.

Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

Original print details Edit

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Continuity Edit

  • The first panel depicts the Doctor saying he isn't a hugging person, while being hugged by Clara in Glasgow. (TV: Deep Breath)

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