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The Black Archive was a series of critical monographs about selected individual Doctor Who stories, from the series' earliest history to the present day. Rather than focusing on behind-the-scenes production history as much Doctor Who fan scholarship has done, the series aimed to analyse and explore the stories as broadcast.

The series' editing team was led by Philip Purser-Hallard, along with Stuart Douglas and Paul Simpson, and published by Obverse Books. It was named after the Black Archive, a museum of alien artefacts first seen in Enemy of the Bane.

The series' first four titles were published simultaneously, in 1 March 2016. Following titles, from Image of the Fendahl up to Full Circle were released each two months. Starting with Carnival of Monsters, titles were released monthly.

Published titles Edit

# Title Writer Release date
1 Rose Jon Arnold 1 March 2016
2 The Massacre James Cooray Smith
3 The Ambassadors of Death LM Myles
4 Dark Water / Death in Heaven Philip Purser-Hallard
5 Image of the Fendahl Simon Bucher-Jones 2 May 2016
6 Ghost Light Jonathan Dennis 4 July 2016
7 The Mind Robber Andrew Hickey 1 September 2016
8 Black Orchid Ian Millsted 1 November 2016
9 The God Complex Paul Driscoll 1 January 2017
10 Scream of the Shalka Jon Arnold 1 March 2017
11 The Evil of the Daleks Simon Guerrier 1 May 2017
12 Pyramids of Mars Kate Orman 1 July 2017
13 Human Nature / The Family of Blood Naomi Jacobs & Philip Purser-Hallard 1 September 2017
14 The Ultimate Foe James Cooray Smith 31 October 2017
15 Full Circle John Toon 3 January 2018
16 Carnival of Monsters Ian Potter 1 February 2018
17 The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pit Simon Bucher-Jones 4 March 2018
18 Marco Polo Dene October 7 April 2018
19 The Eleventh Hour Jon Arnold 1 May 2018

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