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The Blame Game was the seventh story of the sixth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series. It was read by Rufus Hound.

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To escape his Earth exile, the Doctor is prepared to make any bargain, come to any arrangement, or to do any deal with any devil – even if in this case the Devil wears a monk's robes. But when past misdeeds start catching up with both the Doctor and the Monk, who can Liz Shaw trust when time is running out and death is rapidly approaching?

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  • Time Agents wear uniforms.
  • When the Monk tries to take the Doctor away from Earth, the Time Lords stop him.
  • The Doctor spent a year on Delphon while at the Prydonian Academy. At the time, the Time Lords were interested in studying languages that couldn't be translated.
  • Piracy is forbidden by Galactic law.
  • The Monk's TARDIS has "real world gearing."
  • Gravity well generator, translators, and deep system scanners are installed on a forming, molten Earth to detect approaching aliens and draw them to encounter the human race.
  • Delphons load dangerous alien technology into demolition ships and fire them into suns.
  • The Doctor feels that his presence on Earth is probably the reason it's constantly invaded.

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  • This story is available for download only.

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