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The Book of the War was the first novel in the Faction Paradox series of novels.

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The Great Houses

Immovable. Implacable. Unchanging. Old enough to pass themselves off as immortal, arrogant enough to claim ultimate authority over the Spiral Politic.

The Enemy

Not so much an army as a hostile new kind of history. So ambitious it can re-write worlds, so complex that even calling it by its name seems to underestimate it.

Faction Paradox

Renegades, ritualists, saboteurs and subterfugers, the criminal-cult to end all criminal-cults, happy to be caught in the crossfire and ready to take whatever's needed from the wreckage... assuming the other powers leave behind a universe that's habitable.

The War

A fifty-year-old dispute over the two most valuable territories in existence: "cause" and "effect."

Marking the first five decades of the conflict, THE BOOK OF THE WAR is an A to Z of a self-contained continuum and a complete guide to the Spiral Politic, from the beginning of recordable time to the fall of humanity. Part story, part history and part puzzle-box, this is a chronicle of protocol and paranoia in a War where the historians win as many battles as the soldiers and the greatest victory of all is to hold on to your own past...

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  • While editing the Book, Lawrence Miles described it as "a continuity in a book, it's an encyclopaedia to the War Era universe. It's got a structure rather than a plot, the way history's got a structure or a Bible's got a structure. Some parts of the universe are cross-referenced with other parts, and it all comes together to make up this great big ... vision."[2]
  • "Design Specs for Advanced Users", purporting to reveal the "secret pathway running through the whole volume", were also published on said website, and they form a basis for the organisation of the entries on this page. The Specs specified that its listing contained "almost certainly at least one mistake", as well as "a single entry which isn't connected to anything else".[3] The mistake was the listing of the nonexistent "Scarratt's Group" entry under "The A-Z of the War", and the single unconnected entry was "Parablox" (here placed under "The End").
  • The contributors to the book mostly worked on their stories independently, only discovering the added intersections with other stories once the book was released. It was deliberately kept unclear as to which authors contributed which articles, but later releases provided some clues.
  • Lawrence Miles briefly considered releasing an expanded version of The Book of the War on CD-ROM. Simon Bucher-Jones wrote the entries Protective Neotony and Instant Animals for this project.[11] Though Mad Norwegian Press' other Faction Paradox series books would be later be released as ebooks, Lars Pearson said that the number of permissions that would be needed from the contributors made it not worth it.[12]
  • Lawrence Miles considered using the Sontarans with permission from the Robert Holmes estate, but decided it wasn't necessary.[12]

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