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The Broken Man was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams. It marked the first appearance of the Lake family, who would return in the 50th anniversary comic strip special, Hunters of the Burning Stone. Even though they would appear in the following story, this strip was the final story to feature Amy and Rory travelling with the Doctor.


Prague, 1989: Patrick Lake and his family are desperate to return to London, but Patrick is hiding a dark secret from his wife — he is a British spy working undercover to bring down Yuri Azarov, a man whose rise to power leaves devastation for all. Patrick finds an ally in a traveller called the Doctor, a man whose name echoes throughout history, according to Patrick's associate Hugo Wilding. But the Doctor's attempt to discover the truth leaves Patrick's family — and Rory — at the mercy of Yuri and his sinister, inhuman, sidekick...


Part one: The Broken Man

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Part two: From Russia With Hate

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Part three: The Sorrows of Prague

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Part four: The Sacrifice

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  • This is the first Eleventh Doctor DWM strip that does not feature the TARDIS.


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