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Children of Oakley Junior School

The winning scriptwriters and their class enjoy a visit from Matt Smith.

The Children of Oakley Junior School were the collective authors of the special Doctor Who mini-episode Death is the Only Answer. Theirs was the only on-screen credit featured in the episode.

Doctor Who Confidential and BBC Learning had teamed up in a competition for UK students aged 9-11 to write a script for a Doctor Who short. The winning script was chosen by Doctor Who producers Steven Moffat, Piers Wenger and Beth Willis and Controller of BBC Learning Saul Nassé. The writers of the winning script were Adam, Daniel, Katie, and Ben, students of Year Six teacher Kevin Downing's class at Oakley Junior School in Basingstoke.

During the filming of Death is the Only Answer the class watched from above and behind the walls of the TARDIS console room set. The four winners were allowed to play with the TARDIS console, meet Matt Smith, and pose for a photo. (CON: Open All Hours)

On 23 September 2011, the school had an assembly to watch a sneak preview of their finished episode. To the children's glee, the video was presented in-person by Matt Smith.[1][2][3]

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