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The Clangers on a screen in the Master's cell. (TV: The Sea Devils)

Clangers was a puppet TV show for children. The Master watched an episode of Clangers while he was imprisoned on Fortress Island. He whistled along with the noises they made. When the prison governor Colonel George Trenchard asked him what he was watching, the Master responded that "It seems to be a rather interesting extraterrestrial lifeform." Trenchard told him it was just puppets for children. The Master expressed disappointment over this. (TV: The Sea Devils)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • The Clangers scene was a last-minute addition, as episode one of The Sea Devils was 90 seconds short of the typical run time.
  • The Clangers scene would later be echoed by the Master enjoying Teletubbies in the television story The Sound of Drums.

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