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The Collector

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The Collector
Species: Usurian
Appearance: The Sun Makers
Main actor: Henry Woolf
Memorable moment
Mister evil - Doctor Who The Sun Makers - BBC02:59

Mister evil - Doctor Who The Sun Makers - BBC

The Collector was an Usurian.

Biography Edit

Aided by his human assistant Hade, the Collector oversaw operations in Megropolis One on Pluto. The Usurians' Company had, by this time, made Pluto into a world inhabited by humans who lived in cities lit by six artificial suns. In his native form the Collector resembled kelp. He maintained a humanoid form on Pluto.

When the Fourth Doctor reprogrammed the Company computer to apply a 2% growth tax, indexed, the loss of profits so upset the Collector that he reverted to his native form and was imprisoned with a champagne cork. (TV: The Sun Makers)

Titles Edit

Gatherer Hade used the various terms to address the Collector, all prefaced with the word "Your": Highest, Sublimity, Eminence, Elevation, Pinnacle, Colossus, Hugeness, Amplification, Vastness, Voluminousness, Globosity, Mightiness, Magnificence, Immensity, Sagacity, Omniscience, Supernal Eminence, Corpulence, Promontory, Omnipresence, Aggrandisement, Grossness, and Orotundity. (TV: The Sun Makers)

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