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This is a work of non-fiction.

Unlike other fictional universes, the Doctor Who universe is created solely by fiction. To us, this is a secondary source. Information from this source can only be used in "behind the scenes" sections, or on pages about real world topics.

The Comic Strip Companion: 1964 – 1979 was the first in a series of books that explored the history of Doctor Who comic stories. This volume focussed on the Polystyle era.

Main Focus Edit

The sub-title reads “The Unofficial and Unauthorised Guide to Doctor Who in Comics: 1964 – 1979” . This comprehensive volume covers the full variety of publications to present comic story adventures of the Doctor (and the Daleks). Each story is analysised with artist credits, publication dates/details, plot, quotes, continuity, errors and oversights, notes and comments, reprint details - all within the context of what was being broadcast on television at the time.

Publisher's summary Edit

First launched in the pages of TV Comic in November 1964, the comic strip version of Doctor Who is just one year younger than the television series on which it is based. This is its story.

This volume chronicles the first 15 years of the Doctor Who comic strip from its origin in TV comic to just before the ongoing strip was launched as a regular feature in Doctor Who Weekly in 1979. During this time more than 200 comic strip stories were published in the pages of TV Comic, Countdown, TV Action, TV Century 21, The Dr Who Annual and the Dalek books.

Every strip is covered in depth, including plot details, continuity, points of interest and analysis. For the first time, details about the creation and development of the adventures are documented, alongside comments from some of the original writers and articles.

Follow the exploits of the Doctor in his first four incarnations alongside John, Gillian, Jamie, Sarah and Leela as he battles Daleks, Cybermen, Quarks, Kleptons, Trods, Sarracoids and the Ugrakks!

The Compic Strip Companion is your comprehensive guide to Doctor Who in the comics.

Contents Edit

  • Acknowledgements and Dedication
  • Introduction
  • About this Book
  • The First Doctor
  • The Second Doctor
  • The Third Doctor
  • The Fourth Doctor
  • The Annuals
  • The Daleks
  • The Dalek Annuals
  • Appendixes
A: Reprints
B: Adaptations
C: Humour
D: Text Stories
  • Bibliography
  • About the Author

Notes Edit

  • 8 pages of colour features some 127 Doctor Who comic strip related comic cover images, and related publication titles (e.g. Annuals).
  • Accepting the limitation of this book to reproduce the source material, this really is about as comprehensive and definitive a guide as could be on an often overlooked medium of Doctor Who adventures, which the author points out were approved by the BBC prior to their original publication.

Publication history Edit

  • Printed as a paperback in 2012 £16.99 (UK)