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The Coming of the Cybermen (comic story)

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The Coming of the Cybermen
The Coming of the Cybermen
Doctor: Second Doctor
Companion(s): John and Gillian
Main enemy: The Cybermen
Main setting: Minot
Key crew
Writer: Roger Noel Cook
Artist: John Canning
Release details
Printed in: TV Comic 824-827
Release date: 30 September - 21 October 1967
Format: Comic - 4 parts - 8 pages
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The Coming of the Cybermen was a TV Comic story that featured the Second Doctor, John and Gillian.

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On the planet Minot the Second Doctor discovers a seemingly abandoned space carrier. He's trapped aboard when the Cybermen reveal themselves and lift off in the carrier. Discovering they plan to destroy Earth with a bomb, the Doctor primes the bomb but only has twenty-five minutes to escape.

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