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The Complete Davros Collection was a special limited edition boxset, which contained all the Davros television stories made and aired as part of the original BBC TV series, as well as all audio stories released up until that point. The total number of released boxsets was limited to 10,000. This boxset was release to coincide with the release of the last Davros story at the time to be released on DVD, TV: Destiny of the Daleks.

Davros Collection

The Complete Davros Collection

Discs Edit

Discs 1 and 2 Edit

TV: Genesis of the Daleks

  • Identical re-release.

Disc 3 Edit

TV: Destiny of the Daleks

  • Identical re-release.

Disc 4 Edit

TV: Resurrection of the Daleks

  • Identical re-release.

Disc 5 Edit

TV: Revelation of the Daleks

  • Identical re-release.

Discs 6 and 7 Edit

TV: Remembrance of the Daleks

  • Two disc "Special Edition", featuring further restoration to picture and sound and new bonus features, including the feature length "Davros Connections" documentary. This was later re-released as a separate Special Edition DVD.

Disc 8 Edit

The Big Finish audio adventures which starred Davros, the documentary on the I, Davros series, and a brand new, initially exclusive spin-off story were included on this disc.

Timeline Edit

The boxset contained a booklet which included a chronology of the events of Davros' life.

Cast Edit

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