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The Crystal Flower was the ninth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright.

Summary Edit

Benny, on her way to the Archives, greets Mister Crofton, who is happily at work. At the Archives she greets her intern, Bishop, who indicates that Commander Spang of the Fifth Axis is present.

Spang is interested in the Anibusian Memory Stones. Benny doesn't want him to have them, but sends Bishop to retrieve them.

Later, Benny learns that Mister Crofton had attacked two Fifth Axis officers, who had trashed his garden and damaged his crystal flower. She is made the "official witness" to Spang's interview with Crofton. Spang wants to know the secret of the flower, but Crofton threatens him before Benny intervenes.

Spang later informs Benny that his men examined the crystal flower and found it to be harmless, but they destroyed it during their examination.

Crofton buries the shards of the flower and sobs. Benny comforts him. He tells her that the flower was the crystalised ashes of his dead wife. He didn't tell the Axis because it wasn't their business.

Crofton informs Benny that he wants to kill all the Fifth Axis members.

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  • As part of his job, Bishop provides Benny with coffee and a muffin.
  • The two officers that trash Crofton's garden had been drinking Slarvian ale.

Notes Edit

  • Scott and Wright, the authors of this story, also wrote Christmas Spirit, in which the Anibusian Memory Stones make their first appearance. In this story, however, they use the spelling "Anubian".

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