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The Dead Shoes (audio story)

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The Dead Shoes
Hornets nest dead shoes
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): Mike Yates
Main enemy: Hornets, peg dolls, China doll
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Audio
Writer: Paul Magrs
Director: Kate Thomas
Release details
Release number: 2
Release date: 8 October 2009
Format: CD
ISBN 978-1-4084-2674-6
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Hornets' Nest
The Stuff of Nightmares The Circus of Doom
Memorable moment
Doctor Who Hornets' Nest 2 The Dead Shoes Unabridged03:01

Doctor Who Hornets' Nest 2 The Dead Shoes Unabridged

The Dead Shoes is the second story in the Hornets' Nest arc, a series of five audio dramas featuring Tom Baker as Fourth Doctor alongside Richard Franklin as Mike Yates.

Publisher's summary Edit

Visiting the English seaside town of Cromer in the summer of 1932, the Doctor happens upon the strange world of the Cromer Palace of Curios. The young Ernestina Scott is unusually beguiled by one of the museum's exhibits, and when the Doctor befriends her, they unwittingly embark upon a terrifying escapade. Chased by animated dolls through a nightmarish model house, the Doctor realises he is being hunted by a familiar enemy. The unmistakable sound of hornets is in the air, and they are keen to speak to him. Overseeing this game of cat and mouse is the Palace of Curios' curator — a certain Mrs Wibbsey...

Plot Edit

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