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The Death Pit (short story)

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The Death Pit
The Death Pit
Adapted into: The Drosten's Curse
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Featuring: Bryony Mailer, Ian Patterson
Main enemy: David Agnew
Main setting: 1978
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Digital
Writer: A. L. Kennedy
Release details
Release number: 1
Release date: 5 December 2013
Format: E-book, 56 pages
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Time Trips
none Into the Nowhere

The Death Pit was the first short story in the Time Trips series of e-books.

Publisher's summary Edit

Something odd is going on at the Fetch Brothers Golf Spa Hotel. Receptionist Bryony Mailer has noticed a definite tendency towards disappearance amongst the guests. She's tried talking to the manager, she's even tried talking to the owner who lives in one of the best cottages in the grounds, but to no avail. And then a tall, loping remarkably energetic guest (wearing a fetching scarf and floppy hat) appears. The Fourth Doctor thinks he's in Chicago. He knows he's in 1978. And he also knows that if he doesn't do something very clever very soon, matters will get very, very out of hand.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

Story notes Edit

Notes Edit

  • This short story would later on be extended and adapted into the full-length novel The Drosten's Curse.

Continuity Edit

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External links Edit

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