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The Doctor's Journal was a set of short stories which were published in the the first issue Doctor Who Weekly. The stories essentially feature the Doctor giving a brief synopsis of a recent adventure, accompanied by fully coloured illustrations which were meant to directly tie-into transfers included with the first four issues of the magazine. The second and third parts were published more than 36 years apart, as the feature returned for the celebratory 500th issue. Because of this, The Doctor's Journal is currently both the first and the last short story to be printed within Doctor Who Magazine.

Summary Edit

Entry 2481/B-3 Edit

The Doctor lands on a Vorgan Space Platform, and the TARDIS is captured by the Vorgs as the Doctor escapes into the depths of the complex. The Doctor manages to steal a field generator from a sleeping guard, and uses this to deflect the Vorg's laser blasts. Making his way back to the TARDIS, the Doctor is spotted by a squad of Vorgs who summon a Mobile Neutron Cannon to shatter the Doctor's force shield. At that very moment, a fleet of battle cruisers arrive out of a white hole and begin attacking the platform, as they seek to reclaim ships captured by the Vorgs. The ensuing chaos creates enough of a diversion for the Doctor to escape in the TARDIS. (DWM 1)

Entry 3512/A-7 Edit

The Doctor lands on Magnon 5 to stretch his legs, but a malfunction in the TARDIS causes it to dematerialise without him. The natives become convinced that the Doctor is a devil-being and try to hunt him down with their tamed Tyrannasaurs. What the Doctor is not aware of it that their pet Pteranodons are watching him from the air as well, and he is soon trapped in a natural arena.

As the dinosaurs draw near, the tribe's chief appears and orders the Doctor's death. At this moment, the TARDIS reappears and the Doctor swiftly leaves, noting that he had left the door open. (DWM 1)

Entry 15234/C-4 Edit

The Doctor lands on the planet Sigma to visit his old friend Ivan Asimoff, but a malfunction in the TARDIS causes him to arrive half-a-million-years early; when the planet was still overrun by bog-monsters. The Doctor manages to distract them with his Venusian marble collection and he escapes. (DWM 500)

Characters Edit

Entry 2481/B-3 Edit

Entry 3512/A-7 Edit

Entry 15234/C-4 Edit

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Notes Edit

Full images with transfers

The full colour illustrations, with transfers applied exactly where the guide suggests.

  • The Doctor's Journal was printed with blatant gaps in the artwork, where things like ships and even the Doctor were missing. This was done so that those elements could be printed as transfers, which could be pinned to the page as suggested in the guide. The 500th issue included stickers instead, but also included a guide for proper placement.

Continuity Edit

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