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The Seventh Doctor once met a future version of himself at Bonjaxx's birthday party on Maruthea.

Biography Edit

Accompanied by his companion Ria, this version of the Doctor greeted his seventh incarnation and Ace at Maruthea during Bonjaxx's birthday celebration. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Appearance Edit

This Doctor had short, dark hair and a receding hairline.

His outerwear consisted of a dark suit jacket with light-coloured piping along the lapels and he carried a toothbrush in his outer breast pocket for reasons unknown. He also wore a badge shaped like a teapot. (COMIC: Party Animals)

Overall, his appearance closely hewed to that of the "false Ninth Doctor" created by the Eighth Doctor and Feyde to help defeat the Threshold. (COMIC: Wormwood)

Behind the scenes Edit

This version of the Doctor was certainly based upon Nicholas Briggs' physique. In a 2000 interview, Briggs failed to dismiss his interviewer's assertion that it was also a representation of the Doctor he played in the fanon Audio Visuals productions that were more-or-less contemporaneous with Party Animals.[1] Still, he made no positive assertion in that interview that the two Doctors were the same.

There is very little in the comic to suggest that the "Briggs Doctor" is anything more than just an unspecified future version of the Doctor. However, many AV storylines would certainly illustrate an incarnation identical to the one featured in the story. [2] In any event, the Audio Visuals productions are outside the scope of this wiki. Even if the Party Animals Doctor was meant to be the Audio Visuals Doctor (as is most likely the case), this does not retroactively give Audio Visuals the correct licensing to produce stories with the Doctor.

The only properly licensed Doctor Who fiction that even marginally ties into this character is Wormwood, a DWM comic story from 1998. There, the Eighth Doctor appears to regenerate, but really his "new self" is actually Shayde in disguise. That disguise is someone who looks strikingly like the Party Animals Doctor, down to the fact that he carries a toothbrush in his breast pocket (as aspect which originated in the Audio Visuals series).

It is considerably unclear what this means. Perhaps Shayde and the Eighth Doctor created this new persona on the basis of the Seventh Doctor's experience in Party Animals. Maybe the "Shayde Doctor" had time to sneak away for a bit, pick up someone named Ria, and pop back in time to meet the Seventh Doctor. Perhaps Shayde simply visited the party twice (as he was already at the scene) simply to play a trick on the Doctor. Or maybe there's no connection at all. Perhaps it is just a situation where two completely different "Doctors" were based on the incarnation played by Briggs in his fannon series, one as a tribute and one as a red herring. All that's certain is that neither narrative gives us anything clear to connect any of the numerous Nick Briggs-based Doctors.

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