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The Doctor on My Shoulder (short story)

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The Doctor on My Shoulder
The Doctor on My Shoulder (short story)
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Main setting: Earth and Princess Cilia's ship
Key crew
Writer: Daniel Roth
Release details
Release date: 17 - 23 December 2009
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Adventure Calendar - Online Fiction
The Advent of Fear Snowfall

The Doctor on My Shoulder is a two-part online short story released in serial form on the BBC's Doctor Who website as part of the 2009 Adventure Calendar.

Summary Edit

Shrunk down to the size of a doll, the Tenth Doctor enlists the help of a teenage boy to rescue a princess.

Characters Edit

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Television Edit

  • The Tenth Doctor loves The Snowman and recognises his location as Earth because of it playing on television. He mentions the snowman flies around and dances with Father Christmas.
  • The Doctor says that there's "something [he's] been avoiding" and "after all the flying around, having fun, and doing the impossible [he's] reali[s]ed something: [He's] the Snowman and...time's up."

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