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The Doctors: The Archive was a Doctor Who-themed issue of the Daily Mirror newspaper's so-called "bookazine collection". It presented a number of different Who-related photographs from the Mirror's archive of images.

Publisher summary Edit

When Doctor Who first hit our TV screens in 1963 it was an instant hit. But nobody could have predicted at the time that it would go on to become a television phenomenon that is still commanding millions of viewers 50 years on. Featuring rare and exclusive pictures from the Mirror archives, this celebratory special edition looks back at five decades of time-travel and the 11 Doctors and numerous companions that have shaped one of Britain's best loved programmes. It's a souvenir any Doctor Who devotee will treasure.

Contents Edit

Features Edit

The Myth Makers – birth of a legend
The Daleks – and designer Raymond Cusick
The Keys of Marinus
The Dalek Invasion of Earth – The Daleks return and The Go-Go's release a single.
The Rescue
The First Doctor – William Hartnell
The Web Planet
The Chase
Galaxy 4
The Daleks' Master Plan
The Ark
The Gunfighters – a musical makeover
The War Machines
  • The Dalek Movies
The Moonbase
The Abominable Snowmen
Blue Peter – Design a Monster competition.
The Ice Warriors
The Web of Fear
The Wheel in Space
Day of the Daleks
The Whomobile
The Time Warrior
Terror of the Zygons
The Face of Evil
The Invisible Enemy
The Ribos Operation
City of Death
Destiny of the Daleks
State of Decay
Black Orchid
The Five Doctors
Planet of Fire
The Twin Dilemma
The Mysterious Planet
Terror of the Vervoids
Delta and the Bannermen
Silver Nemesis
Doctor Who
Boom Town
Tooth and Claw
The Idiot's Lantern
Last of the Time Lords
The Hungry Earth
The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe
Matt Smith's day at the Mirror office
Karen Gillan returns to Glasgow to launch character figures
Clara Oswald (aka actress Jenna Louise is introduced as the new companion
The Doctor Who Experience.

Credits Edit

Notable information Edit

  • Dalek designer Raymond Cusick received an ex-gratia payment of £100, which, after income tax, came to £80, 10 shillings and sixpence when he left the BBC.
  • The first four Daleks made from fibreglass were built on a total budget of £250.
  • During episode six of The Keys of Marinus, one of the Voord very visibly trips over its own flipper. A retake would have been to costly so the scene remained in the finished programme.
  • Terry Nation's submitted script for a six episode Dalek story that became The Daleks' Master Plan was just 24 pages of camera direction and a rough storyline.
  • The Gunfighters featured the vocal talents of Lynda Baron (later to play Captain Wrack in Enlightenment) and Peter Purves (travelling companion Steven Taylor).
  • Publicity for The War Machines included the First Doctor facing a War Machine with actor William Mervyn — the father of Michael Pickwoad, who designed Matt Smith's second TARDIS control room.
  • The Cybermen were designed by 25 year old Alexandra Tynan (using her maiden name Sandra Reid) in about an hour after discussion with Kit Pedler.
  • The 1967 Blue Peter design-a-monster-competition attracted some 250,000 entries. The winning designs were the Steel Octopus (created by Karen Dag), the Hypnotron (created by Paul Worrall) and the Aqua Man (created by Steven Thompson). Unlike the Abzorbaloff, none of the winners designs appeared in the TV series.
  • Officially known as the Alien, the Whomobile was privately commissioned by Jon Pertwee from car customiser Peter Farries. The vehicle was capable of speeds in excess of 100mph and was equipped with a computer, TV, telephone and stereo.
  • When filming City of Death, Tom Baker rattled the doors of the Louvre so hard when it was closed because of a public holiday that he set off the burglar alarm.
  • A miscalculation of £250,000 in the accounting meant that The Dark Dimension project would have been lucky to make a break-even figure rather than any profit (even after figuring in merchandise and video sales).

Ratings for the Doctor Who movie were an impressive 9.1 million in the UK but against opposition from the final Roseanne in America gained only 5.6 million and was not deemed successful enough at the time to take up the option of a series.

Additonal details Edit

  • This volume included references as recent as the drama An Adventure in Space and Time but no reference to Matt Smith's imminent departure from the TARDIS.
  • Copies of the photographs contained in this volume were available for purchase from the website with prices from £9 (UK).
  • This "bookazine" (ISBN 978-1-907324-32-1) had a cover price of £4.99 (UK).

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