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Unlike other fictional universes, the Doctor Who universe is created solely by fiction. To us, this is a secondary source. Information from this source can only be used in "behind the scenes" sections, or on pages about real world topics.


The Doctors - 30 Years of Time Travel was a large-format, unofficial hardcover book written by Adrian Rigelsford to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Doctor Who in 1993. Published a year later it was marketed on the basis of its behind the scenes photographs and extensive use of interviews as the source.

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From the broadcast of the very first episode on November 23 1963, Doctor Who has grown to become a national institution and the character has survived many turbulent years of TV schedule wars. The Doctors - 30 Years of Time Travel examines the eccentric Time Lord in each of his incarnations through interviews with the actors and the film crews who worked on the show, using their reminiscences to tell the story of each of the Doctors. Synopses of all the Doctors' storylines are included along with details of transmission dates and episode numbers.

The text is complemented by a remarkable collection of rare photographs, including colour pictures of the original Doctor, William Hartnell, and candid behind-the-scenes shots, many of which have never before been seen.

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The Doctors - 30 Years of Time Travel is notorious for many typographical and factual errors, perhaps the most famous being an unfortunate misspelling of "Dido" in the description of The Rescue.

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