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The Dogs of War (LS short story)

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The Dogs of War
The Dogs of War
Main character(s): Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart
Featuring: Air Vice-Marshal Ian Gilmore
Main enemy: Robot Yeti
Main setting: May 1969
Key crew
Publisher: Candy Jar Books
Editor: Andy Frankham-Allen, Shaun Russell, Hayley Cox
Writer: Andy Frankham-Allen
Cover by: Will Brooks
Designer: Simon Williams
Release details
Release date: 17 November 2015
Reprinted in: The HAVOC Files
Format: E-book
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The Dogs of War was a short story released by Candy Jar Books in 2015.

Publisher's summary Edit

The London Event was only the beginning, or so Colonel Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart believed. Until he was ordered to meet with Air Vice-Marshal Ian Gilmore. It began in 1963 – for Gilmore, at least. But the alien codenamed Cosmic Hobo visited Earth a lot earlier than that.

It's not only Lethbridge-Stewart who wishes to learn the truth of these visits. He is being watched, and soon Lethbridge-Stewart and Gilmore find themselves in the deserted tunnels of the London Underground chased by a familiar furry form...

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