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The Early Adventures is a Doctor Who audio series produced by Big Finish Productions announced in February 2013 with the first release Domain of the Voord being released in September 2014.[1]

The Early Adventures continue telling stories from the first two Doctors that The Companion Chronicles began, although producer David Richardson describes the series as having a format closer to that of The Lost Stories "except here we have pushed the format to make these productions sound as much as possible like full cast drama".[2]

Some stories are performed with two of the original cast along with a cast sized similarly to the Doctor Who monthly range. The two original cast members perform and narrate characters such as the Doctor and other companions.

Others, however, are performed with three actors of the original cast, performing and narrating the Doctor and his companions.

The roles of Ben Jackson and, beginning with series three, Barbara Wright, were recast, as the original actors were deceased. Ben is voiced by Elliot Chapman and Barbara is voiced by Jemma Powell.

Stories Edit

Series 1 Edit

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
1.1 Domain of the Voord Andrew Smith 1st Susan, Barbara, Ian, Voords September 2014
1.2 The Doctor's Tale Marc Platt Vicki, Barbara, Ian October 2014
1.3 The Bounty of Ceres Ian Potter Vicki, Steven November 2014
1.4 An Ordinary Life Matt Fitton Steven, Sara December 2014

Series 2 Edit

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
2.1 The Yes Men Simon Guerrier 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie September 2015
2.2 The Forsaken Justin Richards October 2015
2.3 The Black Hole Simon Guerrier Jamie, Victoria, the Monk November 2015
2.4 The Isos Network Nicholas Briggs Jamie, Zoe, Cybermen January 2016

Series 3 Edit

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
3.1 The Age of Endurance Nick Wallace 1st Susan, Barbara, Ian September 2016
3.2 The Fifth Traveller Philip Lawrence Vicki, Barbara, Ian October 2016
3.3 The Ravelli Conspiracy Robert Khan, Tom Salinsky Vicki, Steven November 2016
3.4 The Sontarans Simon Guerrier Steven, Sara, Sontarans December 2016

Series 4 Edit

# Title Author Doctor Featuring Released
4.1 The Night Witches Roland Moore 2nd Ben, Polly, Jamie September 2017
4.2 The Outliers Simon Guerrier October 2017
4.3 The Morton Legacy Justin Richards November 2017
4.4 The Wreck of the World Timothy X. Atack Jamie, Zoe Decomber 2017

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Footnotes Edit

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