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The Electrodes. (COMIC: The Electrodes)

You may be looking for the comic story of the same name.

The Electrodes were a popular music quartet — ostensibly a kind of "boy band" — that the Second Doctor, John and Gillian met during the band's 2208 planet-wide tour.

The time travellers helped outwit the band's vengeful ex-manager and finally put him behind bars. He was attempting to blow up their amplifiers while they performed at the Glass Bowl, but the Doctor and his grandchildren averted the crisis by using their jet-packs to snatch the band members off the stage in the nick of time. The Electrodes were thus able to continue and complete their planet-wide tour.

Band members, at least in 2208, included Muff, Fuzz and two other boys. (COMIC: The Electrodes)

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