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The Emperor was the supreme ruler of the universe in the far future, as well as the biological father of Miranda Dawkins.

The Emperor was a Time Lord, the last survivor of a great catastrophe that completely ravaged Gallifrey. For a thousand years, the Emperor reigned over the entire universe. (PROSE: Father Time)

He controlled time and space travel with a ruthless secret police force. He crushed any rebellion before it even began. The Emperor controlled the Senate of his empire through fear. He ruled from his throne on the Needle. (PROSE: Father Time)

On the night of his daughter's birth, the Emperor was assassinated by rebels. The entire empire fell into chaos overnight because the child was hidden away on Earth in the 1980s. (COMIC: Miranda)

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • In PROSE: The Gallifrey Chronicles, the Eighth Doctor and Marnal have a vision of one of the four Time Lord survivors of the War sitting on a throne and holding his newborn daughter in his arms. This Time Lord was explicitly named as the Doctor, strongly implying that the Emperor was a future incarnation of the Doctor.

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