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The Fabulous Idiot (comic story)

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The Fabulous Idiot
Main character(s): Ivan Asimoff
Main setting: Sigma
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Alan McKenzie
Writer: Steve Parkhouse
Artist: Steve Parkhouse, Geoff Senior
Release details
Printed in: DWMS Summer 1982
Release date: 1982
Format: Comic - 1 part (4 pages) - B&W
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The Fabulous Idiot was a comic story released in DWMS Summer 1982.

Summary Edit

At home in a small city on the tiny planet of Sigma, Dr Ivan Asimoff sits in his room writing one of his science-fiction stories. Caught up in his "adventures", he faints when he opens the door and is faced with a life-size alien being, delivered as the new cover illustration for his book from his artist.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

Original print details Edit

Publication with page count and closing captions
  1. Doctor Who Summer Special 1982 (4) The End

Continuity Edit

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