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The Face of Humanity was the creation of some of the last remnants of humanity. It was made of pure phizlomium. (PROSE: Fegovy) The Face was the image of a male and female face and was made of a series of raised pins. (PROSE: Aliens and Predators)

The Face of Humanity was given to the Hope for the re-seeding of Earth. When the self-destruct system for Hope was activated, the Face of Humanity was given to the Second Doctor to be saved. He brought it back in time and gave it to an art gallery. (PROSE: Aliens and Predators) Following this, it was believed lost until Fegovy found it some time before the 27th century. Fegovy used The Face as a lure to increase its wealth, bringing in Varzald, Jerlot, two New Alexandrians and Miss Monodine for a fake auction. (PROSE: Fegovy)

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