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The Fall of the House of Pollard (audio story)

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The Fall of the House of Pollard
Fall of the House of Pollard cover
Main character(s): Charlotte Pollard
Main enemy: Viyrans
Main setting: London, November 1936
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Matt Fitton
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Music: Nicholas Briggs
Sound: Paul Arnold
Cover by: Mark Plastow
Release details
Release number: 1.3
Release date: 8 May 2014
Production code: BFPCMBOX001
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Charlotte Pollard
The Shadow at the Edge of the World The Viyran Solution

The Fall of the House of Pollard was the third audio story of Charlotte Pollard: Series One.

Publisher's summary Edit

On the night the R101 airship went down, Louisa Pollard lost a husband as well as a daughter. Lord Richard Pollard has been a reclusive shadow of his former self ever since, unable to face the loss of his dear Charlotte.

With their fortunes in a downward spiral and the country estate up for sale, the Pollards retreat to their London townhouse, cared for by their one remaining servant, Mrs Warren. When psychic medium Michael Dee claims to bring a message from Charlotte, a desperate Louisa overcomes her scepticism in the hopes it will bring closure for Richard.

But as they try to make contact with Charlotte, no one can imagine what is about to cross over into their world from beyond the veil...

Plot Edit

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