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The Fate of Krelos was the seventh story in the fourth series of Fourth Doctor Adventures.

Publisher's summary Edit

There are dark skies on Krelos... and something gigantic is descending.

Meanwhile, the Doctor and Leela set off for some fishing in the mountain pools of Krelos. K9 has interfaced with the TARDIS and has reactivated the Architectural Configuration from the days of the Doctor's second incarnation. In passing, the Doctor notes it could do with a good clean. And there's a familiar piece of material snagged on the console.

Far up the mountain, an aged explorer is in trouble. Will the Doctor and Leela be able to save him and his planet? And what is it that K9 has discovered in the TARDIS?

Plot Edit

Part one Edit

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Part two Edit

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References Edit

  • The Sevateem use spears to catch fish.
  • The Doctor states that he has not seen the TARDIS' earlier architectural configuration since he had "a moptop and chequed trousers".
  • The Doctor bought a vacuum cleaner in Brazil during the 39th century.
  • The Doctor warns K9 against interfacing too much with the TARDIS, as its circuits are too sophisticated.
  • The Doctor describes the TARDIS as "a wily old bird".
  • Krelos City on Krelos is below the plateau where the famous fishing pools are.
  • Geralk's sleeping mind is able to control a robot body so he can be active in his old age.
  • The Doctor says he cannot cross his own timeline. If he did, he would be no better than the Celestial Intervention Agency.
  • Under another influence, K9 says "no" instead of "negative."

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