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The Final Amendment (audio story)

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The Final Amendment
The Final Amendment cover
Main character(s): Bernice Summerfield
Featuring: Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart
Adrian Wall
Irving Braxiatel
Jason Kane
Seventh Doctor
Main setting: Earth, 2606
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Joseph Lidster
Director: Gary Russell
Producer: Matthew Cochrane and David Darlington
Release details
Story number: 39
Release number: 5
Season/series: 8
Release date: October 2007
Format: 1 CD
Production code: BFPCD39
ISBN 978-1-84435-276-0
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Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series
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Big Finish Bernice Summerfield series
The End of the World Missing Adventures

The Final Amendment was the thirty-ninth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the fifth story of the eighth season.

Publisher's summary Edit

Forget the war and death and boring stuff like that with another trip to the Braxiatel Collection!

"A welcome return of an old favourite!" – Earth Empire News

"A moving parable on what it is to be human in these ever-changing times." – BFM

"Glorious, crukking filth! Hooray!" – Moonmaker

"Something of a curate's egg." – Fandomania

Joined by friends old and new, Jason Kane returns for his 15th series! Will Benny find out about him and Bev? Or about him and Adrian? What is the mysterious connection between Joseph and Doggles? Will Brax ever reveal his sinister plans?

And just who the hell is Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart?

Plot Edit

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Notes Edit

  • Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart's ship makes a TARDIS-like dematerialisation sound.
  • This marks the first appearance of the Doctor in a Bernice Summerfield audio drama, albeit in the form of a cameo.

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Adventures of Jason Kane and Bernice Summerfield - TV series Edit

In the TV series excerpts there are several references to previous stories:

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