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The Final Phase was the seventh story in the second series of Fourth Doctor Adventures. Together with the previous story The Dalek Contract these two stories form a single narrative told over both releases. This was Mary Tamm's final audio story with Tom Baker.

Publisher's summary Edit

"The raw power of the very fabric of reality itself. And you dare to think you can conquer it?"

Cuthbert's plan for the Proxima System is reaching its final phase.

The Doctor and Romana have been separated. The Doctor is aiding the Proximan fight-back. Romana and K9 are prisoners of the Daleks.

And as the countdown to the opening of the Quantum Gateway begins, the Daleks reveal their true intentions.

Plot Edit

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The Doctor's items Edit

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Locations Edit

  • After searching for years, Cuthbert and Mr Dorrick discovered a dimensional fissure in the universe in the Proxima System.
  • Cuthbert's experiments with the Quantum Gateway caused Proxima Major to be shifted out of its orbit.

Vehicles Edit

  • The Daleks intend to use the Quantum Gateway for the "conquest of infinity." Their dimension ship is necessary in order to do so.

Notes Edit

  • This story contains Mary Tamm's final performance as Romana before her death on 24 July 2012.
  • This audio drama shares its title with Episode Four of The Space Museum.
  • This audio story was recorded on 9 February 2012 at Audio Sorcery.

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