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Officially referred to as STS Special Maintenance, the crew calling themselves the Floozies were idiosyncratic troubleshooters. (PROSE: Transit)

Dog Face Edit

His real name was Yang Chou, which he hadn't used since the Thousand Day War. Famously ugly, he had been with STS since the beginning. He had a deep-seated work ethic that saw him override pain suppression drugs to assist with the extreme circumstances of the Stunnel incident. Finally his boss forcibly placed him in the equivalent of a medical coma to ensure she had at least one member of Special Maintenance around to help her pick up the pieces.

He spent years customising his inspection/repair drones to a point where dumb AI was capable of replicating a version of his unique personality; each was decorated with the face of a different dog breed.

Old Sam Edit

Samuel Robert Garvey Moore served in the Second Battalion of the Third Brigade of the United Nations Armed Forces. He was one of the ubersoldaten of the Thousand Day War. As a result of his augmentations, he was addicted to combat drugs like Doberman.

Old Sam wore his hair in long dreadlocks that went from black at the tips to pure white at the roots. His drones were customised with mimetic polycarbon hulls, with tools and illegal weapons located in retractable turrets

Credit Card Edit

His drones were so heavily customised that it was impossible to determine their original make.

Lambada Edit

Lambada was born in the Amazon Reserve, raised in a culture where the dead took possession of the bodies of ritual dancers.

Her drones were painted rain forest green. Their dumb AI pilot programmes could be described only as aggressive.

Blondie Edit

His real name was Zak. He traded his way out of the ghetto known as the Stop with a native talent for messing around with technology. This revealed itself when he learnt how to customise an erotic hologram. He fell in love with Kadiatu Lethbridge-Stewart after meeting her at a Constitution Day party. He was killed defending the Stunnel at the conclusion of the Stunnel incident a few days later. He was buried in the Achebe Gorge War Memorial Forest on Mars alongside Kadiatu's parents.

As the newest member of the team, his drones were still uncustomised, off-the-shelf models when he died.

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