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The Forgotten was a Tenth Doctor comic published by IDW from 2008 to 2009. It is notable for its inclusion of many historical Doctor Who elements.

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The Tenth Doctor discovers a museum dedicated to his lives and has to remember events from his previous incarnations in order to restore his fading memories.

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Each of the previous Doctors had a display dedicated to their particular incarnation. The display consisted of their outfit, plus an item associated with them. These items include:

Other relics of the Doctor's past adventures include:

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  • The Forgotten was a comic book mini-series produced by the American company IDW Publishing in the fall of 2008, following on from its initial Doctor Who title Agent Provocateur.
  • This was the first officially sanctioned spin-off to feature all ten (at the time) of the Doctor's incarnations.
  • It was collected and reprinted as the graphic novel The Forgotten in April 2009.
  • Due to a printing error, the dialogue balloons on Page 1 of Issue 6 were left blank. The absence of the dialogue had caused confusion over whether the villain was meant to be the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor or the Valeyard, since most references to it were on this page (although the Doctor refers to the villain as the Valeyard on a later page). Tony Lee posted the missing dialogue on IDW's web forum [1], and the dialogue was fixed in the trade paperback release.
  • The fact the villain takes the form of the Meta-Crisis Doctor, and refers to himself as the Valeyard, added credence to the theory that the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor could be destined to become the Valeyard. The Doctor, however, laughs at the idea. Until such a time as a connection is actually made, the fact the villain chooses "the Valeyard" as his alias means that, regardless of his appearance, the villain being impersonated here is indeed the Valeyard.
  • This story contains several plot points reminiscent of the novel The Eight Doctors.
    • The Tenth Doctor loses his memory, like the Eighth Doctor.
    • The Doctor revisits, after a fashion, the events of his past adventures.
    • The Doctor has an encounter with his previous incarnations, though in this case it is mental projections of them rather than the genuine articles.

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