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The Fun Fair was the name of a 20th century film that Archie Maplin was shooting when the Tenth Doctor encountered him. Its funding was compromised by a messy divorce Archie was going through and by mysterious accidents on set. Of these "accidents", the burning of film stock, was directly ruinous to the production. To alleviate some of his financial woes, he leased space to Leo Miller. He also gave a part to Maximilian Love because United Actors picked up the distribution costs on all Love-made films. Both of these individuals turned out to be Terronites, who had created Maplin's financial difficulties as a way to gain proximity to downtrodden actors. (COMIC: Silver Scream)

Behind the scenes Edit

The Fun Fair is a direct reference to Charlie Chaplin's troubled film The Circus, which likewise was plagued by financial troubles, technical problems (the negatives of the early photography were scratched, necessitating a costly restoration), a fire that nearly destroyed the soundstages, and a messy divorce, Chaplin's from Lita Grey.

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