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The Garden of Whispers was the eighth story in the Bernice Summerfield anthology Life During Wartime. It was written by Martin Day.

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Bernard Moskof waits at the Summer House for Clarissa Jones. When she arrives, she gives him a rose, as she always does.

Next morning, Benny meets with Ms Jones. There is a report that a bomb exploded sometime last night. Ms Jones mentions that she has received threats for her relationship with Moskof. She tells Benny that Anson, as a reaction to the bombing, has ordered a group of Killorans to be held in custody, and for one to be executed for each terrorist bombing. Benny is appalled, and plans to go to Anson, but Ms Jones tells her that Moskof is in charge of the investigation.

Benny meets with Moskof. He explains that he is acting on orders of Commander Spang. He also tells her that Adrian is one of the detained Killorans. He picks up something from the ground and puts it in a bag, but won't let Benny see it. He tells her that the bomb was low-yield.

After another bombing, a Killoran is killed — but not Adrian. Benny meets with Ms Jones again, and tells her she made a deal with Anson.

That night, when Moskof and Ms Jones meet, she gives him a rose, as usual. They see someone running towards them. In surprise, Moskof drops the rose. The person, who they realise is Benny, shouts at them to get away from the rose. Ms Jones understands immediately, and picks up the rose, throwing it towards the lake. It explodes, throwing up water and dead fish. Benny informs the pair that Anson has arrested the gardener who furnished Ms Jones with roses.

Later, Benny and Ms Jones talk. Benny figured out that either Moskof or Ms Jones were the target because the bombs were so small. Anson let Benny examine the rose petal that Moskof had found on the ground. She also tells Ms Jones that the Killorans have been released.

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  • Benny drinks coffee with "not too much" milk and lots of sugar.
  • One of Mister Crofton's gardeners is responsible for the bombings.

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