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The Girl Who Never Was was the one hundred and third monthly Doctor Who audio release produced by Big Finish Productions. This was the last audio story to feature the Eighth Doctor and Charlotte Pollard travelling together. However it is not the final appearance for Charlotte Pollard who goes on to travel with the Sixth Doctor beginning with The Condemned.

Publisher's summary Edit

"Dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. Someone's listening. Somewhere."

A ghost ship.

A girl with no memory, adrift in time.

An old enemy.

This could be Charlotte Pollard's finest hour — or her last.

Set course for Singapore, 1931.

Journey's end.

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  • The Doctor and Charley saw a form of radar-jamming device on Quaxan IV.

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The Girl Who Never Was comic preview

Illustration by Anthony Dry from DWM 390.

  • Chronologically, this is the final Eighth Doctor audio drama to feature Charley Pollard. However, it was not the final Eighth Doctor/Charley audio. AUDIO: Solitaire, Enemy Aliens and The Light at the End were released after this story. It remains possible for Big Finish to record more Eighth Doctor/Charley adventures set prior to The Girl Who Never Was, in the same way that there were more Evelyn Smythe adventures after her "final" story was released. For that matter, there was nothing preventing them from setting a story afterward as well.
  • This is the first encounter between the Sixth Doctor and Charley. However, Colin Baker does not appear in this story. The cliffhanger resolves in AUDIO: The Condemned, where we understand that the TARDIS that landed at the end of this story in fact belonged to the earlier incarnation.
  • The paradox of Charley meeting the Sixth Doctor was ultimately resolved in AUDIO: Blue Forgotten Planet. That story explained how it was possible for the Eighth Doctor to have no knowledge of Charley prior to his first encounter with her on the R101 (AUDIO: Storm Warning) — despite having had many adventures with her as the Sixth Doctor. Indeed, one of the central themes of the Sixth Doctor/Charley adventures, which began in the final seconds of The Girl Who Never Was, was the tension between her desire to avoid telling the Doctor too much and his need to fully trust her.
  • The circumstances in which Charley meets the Sixth Doctor in this story are explicitly pertinent to understanding the resolution to the overall Sixth Doctor/Charley story arc in AUDIO: Blue Forgotten Planet.
  • This story was voted as the readers' favourite audio in the Doctor Who Magazine 2008 survey.
  • An illustrated preview appeared in DWM 390 by Anthony Dry.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 27 and 28 June 2007 at The Moat Studios.

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