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The Havoc of Empires (audio story)

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The Havoc of Empires
Doctor: Third Doctor
Companion(s): Jo, Mike
Main setting: 2679
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Andy Lane
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Producer: David Richardson
Music: Jamie Robertson
Sound: Peter Doggart
Cover by: Tom Webster
Release details
Release number: 1
Release date: 2 September 2015
Format: 4 Parts, 2 CDs
ISBN 978-1-78178-531-7
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The Third Doctor Adventures
Prisoners of the Lake none

The Havoc of Empires was the second story in The Third Doctor Adventures.

Publisher's summary Edit

The Doctor and Jo take Mike Yates on his first trip in the TARDIS, but instead of the historical cricket match they were aiming for they end up on a futuristic space station in the middle of a diplomatic crisis that might escalate into galactic war.

The alien leader of the Chalnoth Hegemony is marrying the human Director of the Teklarn Incorporation, but there are forces that will stop at nothing to disrupt the ceremony. The Doctor is accused of murder while explosions occur across the station, and only Jo Grant, pretending to be a security consultant, can save the day.

But then, there's the Eels to consider...

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