The comic story The Incomplete Death's Head was published in 1993, and served as a sequel to (and a means to reprint) many comics featuring the original Marvel character Death's Head. The story featured Death's Head II, a ressurected version of the original character, experiencing memories of the original figure. The story is a sequel to Time Bomb and runs congruent to Party Animals.

Its first segment appeared in issue #1 and continued through issue #12, stringing together the reprints which were meant to be archive footage being watched by Death's Head II and his partner Tuck.

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Death's Head II and Tuck arrive in an unknown location through a matter transporter, immediately attacked by large guard robots. These “defense synths” are quickly defeated by the duo. They then find an archive console dedicated to the life of the original Death's Head. Viewing images of his creators (Lupex and Pyra), Death's Head II begins to explain his upbringing to Tuck.

Lupex and Pyra built the original Death's Head from the Forces of Majik and Techno on Styrakos. Someone or something stole the Cyborg body created by the pair and dumped it on the planet Scarvix, and programmed it with a killer instinct. Young Death's Head built himself a bounty hunting business. Death's Head's earliest memories are of Scarvix, learning the basic tricks of the business, such as killing a man named Tex.

Death's Head and Tuck view the events of the Marvel back-up comic strip High Noon Tex

Following this memory, Tuck attempts to find out where they are while Death's Head II asks the computer to tell more about his history. After months spent on Scarvix, Death's Head was apprehended by an unknown individual and was transplanted through a Warp Gate to a parallel universe where a war was being forged between two races of robotic giants. The computer apologises, as this era of Head's life is poorly archived. Death's Head at this point was greatly enlarged and was forced to fight in a wide range of battles, including some of the most fierce in the dimension's ancient war. The computer again apologises for the lack of clear quality on the images, noting that the recordings are over three million years old.

In the final days of the war, the Death's Head cyborg was caught in the gravitation well of a collapsing planet, which accelerated him at trans-temporal speeds into the time-space continuum. Here he entered...

Death's Head and Tuck view the events of the DWM comic strip The Crossroads of Time, followed by the Dragon's Claws comic Watch Out – Dragon's Claws Here's Death's Head!

Upon seeing Death's Head surviving even after being nearly blown entirely to smithereens, she notes that even then he did not know when to give up. She suggests that they stop viewing the archive's chapters to instead explore the station. Death's Head II states that he would rather stay, because it is important to him to know who the original Death's Head had truly been. When created by Doctor Necker, the robot that would become Death's Head II was programmed with over 105 personalities and memories. It was when Death's Head became dominant that he was able to break her control. He sees this as the perfect change to learn more about the character running his life. At this moment, he is electrocuted by the machine, as his brain is dragged into the archive itself.

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Tuck tries to wake up Death's Head II, but to no avail. He is trapped in the archive, being forced to relive his past life...

Finally freed from the memory, Death's Head II awakens in Cyberspace and is greeted by a virtual duplicate of the original Death's Head, who controls the virtual universe. Death's Head mocks the power that he has over Death's Head II, and tells him that to escape he has to deduce the identity of his holder from his own broken memory archive. The pair as sweeped in by a bright light as another record plays...

Death's Head II is forced to re-live the events of the Marvel comic Death's Head Revisited

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Death's Head II is forced to re-live the events of the Marvel comic Contractual Obligations

In the real world, Tuck notes that even then Death's Head had a mismatched relationship with his partner. Suddenly, the screens of the archive are over-taken by the face of Death's Head II, who warns Tuck that they are on the planet Maruthea, a dangerous place due to its unpredictability. As Tuck turns away from the screen, a gigantic figure looms behind her.

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Death's Head II is forced to relive the events of the Marvel comic strip High Stakes, followed by half of the the DWM comic strip Keepsake

Halfway through the transmission of an archive featuring the Seventh Doctor, Tuck grows frustrated with the archives inability to help her free Death's Head II. She turns, and finally notices the robotic creature that has been watching her.

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Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the events of PlagueDog!

In a gap between archives, Death's Head II is shocked by how much information exists about his past incarnation's life. The computer duplication of Death's Head agrees, and questions Death's Head II about how he will one day kill the original Death's Head. Death's Head then is finally shown by his previous incarnation that Tuck is under attack, and that in order for him to escape he must deduce the identity of her attacker. As Death's Head II tries to argue with this, Death's Head points out that an important supplemental memory is about to start playing...

Death's Head II is forced to experience the second-half of COMIC: Keepsake

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Death's Head II suddenly has to defend himself from a creature which has come alive from his own memories. As soon as he is able to comprehend this fact, he is thrown into another memory...

Death's Head II is forced to experience the Marvel comic Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling!

In the real world, Tuck is flung across the room by the machine which has attacked her. Knocked out, the machine states that their attempt to infiltrate the archive has meant very little. He then identifies himself as Hob.

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Hob tells Tuck the archive information does not concern her. Dazed, she asks Death's Head to wake up. Hob is surprised at her use of the name, and does not understand how Death's Head can appear as he does. Death's Head II does not hear any of this, as his mind begins to re-experience another memory.

Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the events of the Marvel comic Sudden Impact!

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Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the events of the Marvel comic Shot By Both Sides

Hob asks if it truly can be Death's Head. Tuck replies that if he is used to the original version seen in the archive, he won’t recognize Death's Head II, but he is indeed a “new and improved” version. Hob finds this fascinating, and remarks that he is finally there. Tuck then threatens Hob to reveal where they are, who he is, and what the archive really is.

Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the first half of the Marvel comic The Deadliest Game

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Tuck and Hob view the events of COMIC: Time Bomb! on the archive, while Death's Head II presumably re-experiences them

Tuck asks Hob why he showed her that archive. He explains how the Hob seen in the archive was him, and that he and Dogbolter survived the thermonuclear explosion but were flung across space-time. This required heavy modifications. He concluded that if he was able to survive, then so was Dogbolter. Hob says he will search for his master across every inch and second of the universe and history. He also explains how he came to Maruthea, from where he could build an archive about Death's Head outside time and space, in order to track down Death's Head and force him to seek out Dogbolter. He then considers Death's Head II’s appearance as a “gift”. As he asks Tuck to lower her weapon as it could not harm him, she wonders if she will think of anything to save Death's Head.

Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the second half of the Marvel comic The Deadliest Game

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Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the events of the Marvel comic Clobberin' Time!

Hob tells Tuck her attempts to harm him are futile. When she suggests he is too loyal and that Dogbolter might be dead, he becomes enraged and threatens to smash her. Tuck prepares her gun, worryingly.

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Death's Head II is forced to re-experience the events of the Marvel comic The Cast Iron Contract
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  • Although this is not the first story Tuck appeared in, this is the first story she appears in that is tied to the DWU.
  • The Transformers UK stories were excluded because at the time of publication Marvel UK no longer had the rights for it.
  • Almost certainly in-part due to the extreme obscurity of this storyline, COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown does not reference its take on the events following Time Bomb! In Showdown, Hob and Josiah W. Dogbolter have clearly survived the explosion and Hob has not been mutated. Furthermore, Hob abandons Dogbolter near the end of the story, out of character for TIDH's obsessively-loyal take on his personality.

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