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The Invasion of Bash Street was a Doctor Who comic story published in the first issue of BeanoMAX (a Comic Relief special). It is a parodic crossover of Doctor Who and Bash Street Kids. It features a Dalek getting mistaken for a robot made for a science project by the teacher, and becoming the teacher's pet. It was written by Alan Digby.


The pupils bring their science projects into school. A Dalek enters and exterminates an object which is crackling and frizzling. Jonathan Ross begins to walk through the door which the Dalek closes with its plunger, smacking him in the face. The teacher congratulates a pupil for making a robot for their project. The Dalek shows off by putting Math sums on the blackboard. The teacher comments on the Dalek being a clever pupil. He makes the Dalek teacher's pet, to Cuthbert's disgust. The teacher comments on his tea not being perfect, and the Dalek shoots it. The teacher calls the Dalek the best pupil ever. The bell rings for dinner, the pupils want double portions from school cook Olive, and the Dalek gives them 5.1 Earth minutes to eat and then study. They take the top off the Dalek and put all their food inside the Dalek, and it gets boils. The Tenth Doctor steps out of the TARDIS and takes the Dalek with him to somewhere safe.