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The Isos Network was the fourth and final story of the second season of The Early Adventures. It was written by Nicholas Briggs and featured the Second Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon, both voiced by Frazer Hines, and Zoe Heriot voiced by Wendy Padbury.

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The Doctor, Jamie and Zoe are leaving Earth after having successfully defeated a Cyberman invasion... The Cyber-fleet is still exploding... But something is escaping through the mass of vaporising debris.

In hot pursuit, the Doctor and his friends find themselves drawn to a mysterious planet where strange beasts slither through the streets of a deserted city... And an old enemy lurks beneath the streets.

As a force of heavily-armed aliens arrives, a battle to save the entire galaxy from invasion begins.

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  • While it's been a few days for the TARDIS travellers, it's been five months since the Cybermen arrived on Isos II and converted the population.

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