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The Keep (comic story)

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The Keep
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Izzy Sinclair
Main setting: Earth, 51st century
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Editor: Gary Gillatt & Scott Gray
Writer: Alan Barnes
Artist: Martin Geraghty, Robin Smith
Letterer: Elitta Fell
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Magazine 248-249
Release date: 16 January - 13 February 1997
Cover date: 12 February - 12 March 1997
Format: Comic - 2 parts
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You may be looking for the Counter-Measures audio story.

The Keep is a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor and Izzy Sinclair.

Summary Edit

Shortly after arriving on Earth in the 51st century, The Doctor and Izzy are greeted by Marquez, the android servant of Crivello, an aged scientist only kept alive by his complete immersion in a nutrient tank. Crivello is attempting to create an artificial sun for a new solar system for humanity after Earth is engulfed by solar flares. The Doctor discovers the sun is alive. Having built a rapport with the artificial sun, The Doctor orders it to travel to an unpopulated arm of the Crab Nebula to become humanity's new home.

After the Doctor and Izzy have left and humanity has gone to its new home, Marquez and Crivello are left alone on the dying Earth. As Crivello reflects on his accomplishment, Marquez abruptly kills the scientist and unceremoniously throws the body off a cliff overlooking the sea.

Plot Edit

to be added

Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Minor villain Uber-Marshall Leng is a contemporary of Magnus Greel.
  • Izzy throws up after being transmatted for the first time, something that is a common occurrence according to the Doctor.

Notes Edit

to be added

Continuity Edit


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