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The King of Sontar was the first story in the third series of Fourth Doctor Adventures.

Publisher's summary Edit

Dowcra base. The third Elite Sontaran Assassination Squad closes in on its target. A dozen trained killers, but even they will be unable to bring down the invincible Strang...

Manipulated by the Time Lords, the TARDIS also arrives on Dowcra. And the Doctor is set to encounter the greatest Sontaran ever cloned...

Plot Edit

Part one Edit

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Part two Edit

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References Edit

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Notes Edit

  • This story was recorded on 18 July 2012.
  • This is the first audio story to pair the Fourth Doctor with the Sontarans; previously, Big Finish have used Sontarans with the Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Doctors.

Continuity Edit

The King of Sontar clean

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