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The Land of Happy Endings was a Doctor Who Magazine comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor, John and Gillian. It was significant for claiming that John and Gillan were inhabitants of the Doctor's dreams, where they existed in a more perfect world.

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  • This comic story was reprinted in The Flood graphic novel.
  • John and Gillian are the grandchildren of the First and Second Doctor from the TV Comic strips.
  • The entire story is revealed to be a dream. The implication is that this was a previous untold adventure which the Doctor had with John and Gillian with the guise of the Eighth Doctor in the place of the First or Second.[1]
  • This is the first appearance of John and Gillian in a comic story since their departure in the comic story Invasion of the Quarks in 1968. In the interim, John had appeared as Professor John Who, head of Space Science, in Beware the Trods! in DWCC 8 in 1993. Furthermore, they had appeared as fictional characters created by Jason, the Master of the Land of Fiction, in the novel Conundrum in 1994.

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