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The Last Fairy Tale was the second story of the anthology The Memory Bank and Other Stories.

Publisher's summary Edit

Deep in the heart of old Europe, the village of Vadhoc awaits the coming of a mythical teller of magical tales – but not all such stories end happily, the TARDIS travellers discover.

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References Edit

  • Turlough sarcastically refers to Grayling Frimlish as "Oscar Wilde".
  • The Doctor once had to broker negotiations between two branches of the Royal Dynasties of the Eisenblatt system. One branch had a genetic glitch which meant that they were living backwards through time. As a result, the two branches were approaching the same century from either end. The Doctor noted that this made coronations and abdications complicated.
  • The Third Doctor and Jo Grant once got into a dangerous situation involving a number of giant tortoises which was caused by the Master.

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