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The Leadworth Chronicle

The Eleventh Doctor holds up a copy of The Leadworth Chronicle. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

The Leadworth Chroncle was a local newspaper in the English village of Leadworth. When Amy Pond and Rory Williams made a crop circle as a signal to the Eleventh Doctor, the crop circle became front page news on the Chronicle. (TV: Let's Kill Hitler)

Behind the scenes Edit

The sports section of the paper has a headline which reads, "Back of the Neck: Favourite Pulls Out Due to Injury". Though the Donna Noble used the phrase "back of the neck" after hitting a Sontaran in his probic vent, it's questionable whether this newspaper headline is an oblique reference to The Poison Sky. It's far more likely to be, just like the Helen Raynor-penned line itself, simply a play on the common British colloquialism, "Back of the net!" Were the article readable, it's possible that it describes a player sidelined by a neck injury.

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