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The Legends of Ashildr was a collection of short stories set during Ashildr's journeys between The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.

Publisher's summary Edit

Ashildr, a young Viking girl, died helping the Doctor and Clara to save the village she loved. And for her heroism, the Doctor used alien technology to bring her back to life. Ashildr is now immortal – The Woman Who Lived.

Since that day, Ashildr has kept journals to chronicle her extraordinary life. The Legends of Ashildr is a glimpse of some of those stories: the terrors she has faced, the battles she has won, and the treasures she has found.

These are tales of a woman who lived longer than she should ever have lived – and lost more than she can even remember.

Contents Edit

Notes Edit

  • These stories take place between The Girl Who Died and The Woman Who Lived.
  • The cover features Ashildr in her Knightmare outfit.
  • The back cover features an image of the TARDIS and a quote related to the Doctor, but neither appear in any of the stories, although a few subtle references to the Doctor are made.

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