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The Life Bringer! (comic story)

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The Life Bringer!
Doctor: Fourth Doctor
Companion(s): K9 Mark II
Main enemy: Zeus
Main setting: Olympus
Key crew
Publisher: Marvel Comics UK
Writer: Steve Moore
Artist: Dave Gibbons
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who Monthly 49-50
Release date: February - March 1981
Format: Comic - 2 parts
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The Life Bringer! was a Fourth Doctor comic strip published in Doctor Who Magazine.

Summary Edit

While travelling through time and space, the TARDIS runs into a vortex, causing it to materialise on an uncharted planet. The Doctor and K9 leave the TARDIS. They find a very tall and muscular being chained to a rock. Claiming to be the legendary Prometheus, the prisoner says that rather than bringing humanity the spark of fire, it was actually the spark of life. That transgression caused Zeus to punish him.

After being released by K9's laser beam, Prometheus takes the Doctor and K9 to Olympus, where Zeus refused to allow men to be recreated because he thinks that their hate, stealing, murder and war outweighed their poetry, art and philosophy. Outraged, Prometheus again steals the spark of life and escapes with the Doctor. Just as they enter the TARDIS, Zeus throws bolts of lightning from his fingertips, scrambling the TARDIS' controls.

The TARDIS rematerialises in the darkness of space. Prometheus opens the door and jumps out, leaving the Doctor alone with K9 and confused as to where or when he is or even where he found Prometheus in the first place.

Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

Reprints Edit

Continuity Edit

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