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The Lokhus was a Zytragupten from the universe that came after N-Space.

The Lokhus was born unusual and crippled, and thus he was sent into the Infernal Abyss to be destroyed. However, the Lokhus was instead drawn out of the Abyss and into N-Space, where he fell on Stockbridge, Earth, during the Medieval ages. There, the Lokhus spent the centuries waiting and growing, building a chrysalis around himself to protect himself until he could become strong enough to emerge. The Lokhus also turned local people into Wyrrmen servants.

In 2010, when the Lokhus was finally ready, his Wyrrmen transferred his consciousness into the body of Maxwell Edison, and the Lokhus then proceeded to have the villagers of Stockbridge care for him until he could emerge from the chrysalis. The Lokhus also tried to gain sympathy from Max and convince him that the two of them were alike, but Max ultimately refused.

When the Tenth Doctor threatened to destroy the Lokhus if he didn't leave Earth alone, the Lokhus, recognising that the Doctor would do it and wanting to live, accepted the offer and left Max's body. But moments later, Geoffrey Lynch's attack on the Doctor caused the latter to unintentionally drop a flare down into the tunnels where the Lokhus' chrysalis was located, igniting the methane gases there, and destroying the chrysalis and the Lokhus with it. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Child)

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