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The Longest Night (audio story)

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The Longest Night
The Longest Night cover
Main character(s): Colonel Emily Chaudhry
Colonel Robert Dalton
Featuring: Lieutenant Will Hoffman
Francis Currie
Main enemy: ICIS
Andrea Winnington
Main setting: London, the 2000s
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Joseph Lidster
Director: Edward Salt
Producer: David Darlington
Cover by: Red Ink
Release details
Release number: 3
Release date: March 2005
Format: 1 episode on 1 CD
Production code: BFPUNITCD03
ISBN 1-84435-115-7
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Snake Head The Wasting

The Longest Night was the fourth story in the Big Finish UNIT audio series. It was written by Joseph Lidster.

Publisher's summary Edit

"We interrupt this broadcast..."

Having survived a day at the seaside, Robert Dalton and Emily Chaudhry are enjoying a few pints... Having spent the day answering the phone and praying for some action, Will Hoffman is enjoying a night out... Having signed a controversial new European treaty, the Prime Minister is on his way back to Downing Street... Having survived yet another day, the people of Britain are settling down to eat dinner, stay in, go out, spend time with their friends...

"...we’re receiving reports that..."

It's just another ordinary evening in the United Kingdom...

"...a bomb has exploded in central London..."

Plot Edit

to be added

Cast Edit

References Edit

  • The story is strongly tied to the contemporary War on Terror politics: while discussing the campaign of terror, Chaudry and Currie refer to the September 11 attacks; the media wonders if the attacks are due to British involvement in Iraq (and Kirby was bounced out of the army for abusing prisoners there); and Muslims are framed for the suicide bombings.
  • The killer policeman Sergeant Flemming sarcastically quotes the Metropolitan Police Service's "working for a safer London" slogan.
  • Dalton and Currie are disparaging about the Daily Mail.

Notes Edit

Errors Edit

  • The Wasting reveals that Brimmicombe-Wood is ICIS's commanding officer. Hear, Kirby refers to Brimmicombe-Wood as if he's a prisoner and makes a sinister reference to potentially torturing him - even though he has no need to lie in that scene.

Continuity Edit

  • Albion Hospital from TV: Aliens of London is mentioned as being overwhelmed with injured people.
  • The Prime Minister mentions the terrorist attacks on Windsor and Oxford a month earlier as a reason for signing the Euro-Combine Treaty. These were temporal accidents caused by ICIS. (AUDIO: Time Heals)
  • One speaker refers to the military action in Syria as a potential motive for the attacks. (AUDIO: Time Heals)
  • The Kosovan asylum seeker arrested in Southend is likely Goran. (AUDIO: Snake Head)
  • The flu outbreak in the home counties turns out to be an alien virus. (AUDIO: The Wasting)
  • Colonel Chaudhry refers to the sleeper agents' brainwashing as "a John Smith situation", referring to UNIT cases involving the Doctor. In response, Colonel Dalton refers to window shop dummies coming to life. (TV: Spearhead from Space)
  • Francis Currie has left the BBC and been hired as the front line reporter for Planet 3. Sarah Jane Smith had previously worked for the television news network as an undercover journalist, exposing corruption by companies and officials in high places. (AUDIO: Comeback)
  • Andrea Winnington was born in "the 1980s", Syria is occupied, Chaudhry refers to "the King", and Dalton is buying a pint in euros. This indicates the story was set in the near future, as the original UNIT stories were meant to be. However, as the revived TV show and its spinoffs have established Prime Ministers for every year from 2006 (Jones) to 2010 (Green) and made aliens public, the events of this story have to take place in the year of release or in early 2006. (That also means this Prime Minister may be the one killed by the Slitheen in Aliens of London.)

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