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The Magic Mousetrap was the one hundred and twentieth monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. Originally, this story was meant to feature Agatha Christie during the time of her disappearance in December 1926. These elements were written-out due to The Unicorn and the Wasp providing an alternative take on the same historical events.

Publisher's summary Edit

Switzerland, 1926: the Doctor finds himself halfway up an Alpine mountainside, on his way to an exclusive sanatorium for the rich and famous run by the Viennese alienist Ludovic "Ludo" Comfort. In between bouts of electric shock therapy, Ludo's patients — including faded music hall turn Harry Randall, chess grandmaster Swapnil Khan and Lola Luna, darling of the Weimar cabaret scene — fill their time with endless rounds of Snap!, among other diversions.

But the Doctor soon suspects that someone's playing an altogether more sinister game. Someone with a score to settle...

Plot Edit

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References Edit

  • The Doctor states that the last time that he had a haircut was 1881.

Notes Edit

The Magic MouseTrap Preview Comic

Illustration from DWM 407.

  • This story features the first appearance of the Celestial Toymaker in a BBC-licensed audio play. He had appeared earlier in a charity audio version of The Nightmare Fair, and would return again in late 2009 for the official, Big Finish version of the same story. However, this was the first officially-licensed audio story using the Toymaker that was available for public purchase.
  • This audio story was recorded at The Moat Studios.
  • This audio also included the first episode of The Three Companions "Polly's Story" by Marc Platt.

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